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Speakers Academy

We make seasoned professional speakers who present and project themselves powerfully from  complete armatures in sixteen hours of coaching and empowering sessions. Here is your ticket to the top of the game of public speaking and Making powerful presentations. Learn everything there is to learn on what to do while off stage and on stage; how to capture audience’s attention, setting the mood, making your entire speech or presentation entertaining, Public Speaking principles and Business Presentation skills. Propel yourself forward professionally and socially at the Speakers' Academy through learning how to speak with power, feeling and conviction.

You can overcome the fear of speaking in public quicker  than you can learn how to drive a car. Irrespective of whether you are a complete beginner or just want to improve on your existing skills, Speakers' Academy is the place where you will learn how to think on your feet and how to express your ideas with more authority, more clarity and more poise  and with  enthusiasm. You will also learn the following:

  1. How to make powerful first impressions.
  2. How to build personal magnetism, brand and sell you.
  3. How to project a professional business image through appropriate dressing.
  4. Dining etiquette for business cocktails and lunches.
  5. How to identify your God given assignment, packaging and presenting it to the world.
  6. How to write and publish your signature story.

All skills can be acquired through learning. Therefore public speaking and business presentation skills as well can be learnt and honed to perfection.

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