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Most parents in urban set up and precisely Nairobi city, are faced with a real challenge of how to  keep their children productively engaged over the weekends and during school holidays. This challenge sometimes become overwhelming and often leads then to frustration.  Inspirado center is the perfect solution to this challenge for your young children between the ages of 7-12 years. At this is cave of wonders, we keep them productively engaged through our very interactive and fun sessions as we develop their intellectual faculties: Will, reason, memory creativity and intuition.

The course runs for eight weeks during the weekends and during the school holidays. Your child will learn basic life skills, artistic skills including music, creative arts, acting, public speaking, painting, playing the Piano, guitar and drum sets. They will also be exposed to a variety of other mental & physical games such as darts, table tennis, chess and scrabble. At the end of the eight weeks session, your child will be a transformed little individual with improved focus, discipline, responsibility, organization, excellence and etiquette instilled in them.

Our centers have a hybrid setting (somewhere between classroom and home) and are situated within the estates in a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment.
We also conduct a program for mothers and fathers on parenting. Let’s face the reality, parenting in the twenty first century is undeniably more challenging than it was some decades ago. Most parents have confused presents with presence, involvement with invasion of privacy, ‘investing for’ as opposed to ‘investing in’ their children. In this forum you learn more on how to handle the challenges facing mothers and fathers in raising sons and daughters.

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