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Vision Retreat

Where do you see yourself in the next decade? It has been said that too much work and no play makes John a dull boy. Nevertheless, most people go on vacation with the intention of getting away from the usual routine but soon after vacationing, they go back only to fit in again into normalcy of their mundane activities.

Recently, the government issued out a directive requiring employers to pay up a one week’s vacation for their employees during their annual leave as a way of promoting local tourism in lieu of tax. In line with that, Ignition has pioneered a very unique holiday product dubbed ‘Vision Retreat’ which has a positive back flow effect on the organization. Away with those usual vacations characterized by indulgence of misdirected leisure and pleasure. Vision Retreat is not your traditional getaway. It is a once in a lifetime holiday opportunity that has been carefully themed not only to make you relax but also equip you with vital tools that enables you to move ahead in this game called life by refocusing your energy and attention

This concept has been packaged in such a way that the vacationer would never again be able to go back to fit in their same old mental models.

During the vacation, we help them chart a road map for their personal and professional lives in the three dimensions of human triune definiteness: Spiritually, Emotionally and Intellectually. It is not just an opportunity to break away but also to recharge. It focuses on a paradigm shift at the individual level. People become more motivated and therefore have a more focused approach and positive attitude toward their tasks at work. 

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