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CEO’s Breakfast

Are you a CEO or an entrepreneur of a small company? In this context, small may be construed to mean that you have less than twenty employees and a monthly revenue generation of less than fifty thousand dollars. Are you aspiring to build a truly visionary company? If your answers to these two questions is a resounding ‘Yes’ then the CEO’s Breakfast is a wonderful platform for you to learn the universal laws of business that apply whether you sell fruit from a stand or are running a fortune 500 company.

The ability to understand the building blocks of how a one person operation or a very big business makes money is the dividing difference between people who cannot build a visionary company and those who can create something outstanding that makes a lasting contribution. Successful business leaders understand the fundamentals of cash, margin, velocity, return on investment, growth and customers.

During this session, you will learn how the CEOs who have made it managed to harness the efforts of other people, expanded their personal capacity, and synchronized their efforts to get results. You will be equipped with the tools that empower you to be a leader of the business and a leader of people. A leader of the business knows what to do. A leader of people knows how to get it done. 

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