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Remedy for all human struggles

Remedy for all human struggles

Written by  on: 04/04/2013
Remedy for all human struggles

Motivational Guidance
“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Bible

God has given man an amazing ability to think. It is very unfortunate though that most people struggle though life without utilizing that functionality. Most people confuse mental activity with thinking. It is actually claimed that only about 2% of the entire global population think; 3% think that they think and 95% do not think at all. What category are you at?

Most people have no problem at all thinking about what they don’t want. If you heard you own thoughts being played on a loud speaker, what would be your reaction? Thinking constructively is one of the most difficult tasks that any man or woman who aspires to be great has to do constantly and consistently throughout life. Your habits of thinking and acting are what shape your experiences in life. You cannot think hate and attract love. You cannot think poor and become rich. You cannot attract to your life anything that you despise in your thoughts. Thoughts are things: Your thoughts have the power to even change the PH level of your body fluids. Whatever is impressed on your mind is actually expressed on your body. That is why you must never entertain bitterness, strife and resentment in your thoughts. The remedy of most human struggles is found right in the kind of thoughts that you harbor.

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Steve Kigwa

A Transformational Seminar Leader, Change Agent, Reformist, Motivational philosopher, Author, Conference and Inspirational speaker.

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