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Parenting Manual

Parenting Manual

Written by  on: 04/02/2013
Parenting Manual

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"A very important question to ask yourself as a parent all the time: “How does it feel to be a son or daughter to me?”

One of the greatest and grandest responsibilities in life is to be a parent. Parenting is a life engagement that you can never take a vacation from, delegate or retire from. Unfortunately, none of us was born with skills on parenting. We learn and acquire them from books, from friends, from our own parents and through experience. There are three primary responsibilities in parenting that measure the success level of your parenting. Firstly, you must understand that those wonderful children you call your own are fundamentally not yours. They have been handed down to you from above for you to love and care for them. The most vital and essential thing you can do for your children is to love them. You must love them whether they meet your expectations or not. Never miss an opportunity everyday to tell your children how much you love them as many times as you can.

Secondly, it is your obligation as a parent to create an environment for your children for them to learn how to hear God’s voice for themselves. Remember they have their own soul and destiny to fulfill. Children learn where they live: if they live in a hostile home environment, they will soon learn to start fighting. If they live with criticism they will soon learn how to ridicule. Be like a thermostat; constantly adjust the emotional, intellectual and spiritual atmosphere of your home environment. Very important task; you cannot lead one to where you have not been yourself. This in essence means that you must have learned how to hear God for yourself as well. Thirdly and equally important is to position your children towards their destiny by constantly adjusting their sails. Get involved in everything that encompasses their lives. Inculcate in them godly virtues; guide them by asking questions that direct their attention; build self confidence and self esteem in them.

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